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Teachers say CalSTRS must divest from Big Oil

Prospects at CalSTRS are bright for a real shift in investment strategy. Members of the board are increasingly tuned in to the dangers of climate change, and they are beginning to adjust their financial decisions to focus on more sustainable holdings. We at Fossil Free California applaud their efforts. But so far the shift in investment policy is not big ... Learn More

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No tobacco investment!

Tell CalPERS: No reinvestment in tobacco!

Staff of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), the largest public pension fund in the country, is recommending that the fund’s Board vote to reinvest in tobacco, based on profits the tobacco companies have made overseas since CalPERS divested 16 years ago. Q. Why is the tobacco decision important for fossil fuel divestment? A. If the CalPERS board votes NOT to reinvest in tobacco, they will be incorporating a moral argument into an investment decision, thus paving the way for divestment from the fossil fuel companies whose business threatens our future. CalPERS is accepting public comments on staff’s tobacco reinvestment proposal by November 11. Here’s how you can comment: ... Learn More

Ongoing Campaigns

CalSTRS demonstration

Divest CalSTRS

We teachers, instructors, students, parents and California citizens can have a powerful impact on the fossil fuel industry by urging our teachers’ pension fund, CalSTRS, to divest from all fossil ... Learn More
CalPERS divestment

Divest CalPERS

Since CalPERS is the largest public pension fund in the U.S., getting CalPERS to divest from fossil fuels has been a key goal of Fossil Free California (FFCA) since we ... Learn More
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Divest the Rest

Fossil Free California supports divestment campaigns of all types - city, county, pension fund, or individual. Although we have a primary focus on our large state pension funds, we believe ... Learn More