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CalSTRS moves $2.5 billion into low-carbon fund

On July 14, the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) voted unanimously to move $2.5 billion in assets to a low-carbon index fund. This laudable decision is another indicator of CalSTRS' focus on the financial consequences of climate change — complementing the board's recent vote to divest from coal companies, in compliance with the mandates of SB 185, This low-carbon shift is symbolically important — in the words of Investment Committee chair Harry M. Keiley, “a significant step in our journey” toward a low-carbon portfolio. But in the context of the fund's total portfolio, it is a small step. The $2.5 billion investment in the MSCI Low ... Learn More

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Divest CalSTRS

We teachers, instructors, students, parents and California citizens can have a powerful impact on the fossil fuel industry by urging our teachers’ pension fund, CalSTRS, to divest from all fossil ... Learn More
CalPERS divestment

Divest CalPERS

Since CalPERS is the largest public pension fund in the U.S., getting CalPERS to divest from fossil fuels has been a key goal of Fossil Free California (FFCA) since we ... Learn More
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Divest the Rest

Fossil Free California supports divestment campaigns of all types - city, county, pension fund, or individual. Although we have a primary focus on our large state pension funds, we believe ... Learn More