Brooke Anderson photo of Oakland HS student Nate Henderson

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No Coal in Oakland! On June 27th, the Oakland City Council voted unanimously to ban coal shipment and handling throughout the city. After a pro forma second reading on July 19, the ban will take effect, outlawing the proposed massive China-export facilities and the Utah coal trains to serve them.

Before the vote, dozens of activists and other citizens spoke to the Council. They cited the dangers to health and safety of coal transport, as well as the dire consequences for the climate, and debunked the false claim that the ban would cost the city jobs.

Deborah Silvey, representing Fossil Free California, added the divestment perspective, pointing out that coal is a dying industry:

We shouldn’t risk the health of our community and the climate for any product. But to put ourselves at risk for a product that soon no one will want to buy — that would be the height of folly and negligence.Thank you for voting against coal.

A great victory for California and for the climate!


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